Mark J. Blackman, Inc.
For more information about our training and
speaking programs, visit
Consulting Chemists Specializing in Chemical
Electronics, Instrumentation, Process Control
and Laboratory Technology.
We assist companies with chemically related
challenges, alternative energy, electrical generation
and storage and other environmental solutions
specializing in chemical electronics, instrumentation,
process control and laboratory technologies,

We are your cost-efficient partner specializing in
consulting to a wide range of chemical and
environmental related industries. Our diverse
professional affiliations facilitate support team building
to offer total solutions to complex challenges. Our
promise is to provide superior solutions at fair prices
for our clients. "Quality, timely, cost effective and
secure service" is our mission statement.  Many
organizations consider us their on demand support

Please contact us today for more information. There is
no charge for our initial consultation and we offer
affordable long term and contract rates. We are
pleased to offer special rates to government and public
safety organizations. With more than 40 years of
experience, Mark J. Blackman, Inc. Is a trusted and well
respected name worldwide.
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